Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Soccer star......Not!

Well, yesterday was Saraya's first Soccer practice. Let me just say that it was not a huge success. For most of it she tried to do what the coach told her to, without taking her hands out of her sweat shirt pockets. In her defense, it was cold and windy, and she was playing soccer, so her hands really weren't needed.

At one point, the coach decided he would split them up and try a scrimmage. This was not a good idea! Not a single one of them had the remotest idea of what to do, and Saraya just stood there with her hands in her pockets watching the other kids chase and try to kick the ball. When I walked over to her and tried to encourage her to get in there and play, she started to cry and ran to me. Saying that she wanted to go home. Even though I wanted to give into her, I made her get back in there and try.

On the way home, she cried again and said that she never wanted to play soccer and didn't know why I was making her. I told her that she could not just sit at home and do nothing, to which she responded that she just didn't want to play any sports. (that hurt a little to hear)

We are going to continue to make her play. She has never been very good with new things. She still wont eat skittles because they have an "S" on them instead of the "M" she is used to. Once she gets used to it, I think she will do fine. Plus her friend E is on her team and once he goes to practice with her, I think it will be much easier for her.

She may not ever love sports, or be a soccer star. But I think it's good for her to get used to trying new things. We can't go through life being afraid to try, and I don't want my daughter crippled by her fears later in life just because it was easier for me to protect her.


Doug G. said...

I can't get my son to play soccer because he says that it's a "girl's" sport, to which I reply, "What are you saying, I played soccer." Keep it up - like the momma bird knows; sometimes you have to protect and sometimes you have to push otherwise they'll never leave the nest.

cristi said...

ahhh... i really hate that for her! i bet she looked cute, though. i love that she won't eat skittles because of the s. that's just a great reason not to eat 'em.

Mike Archer said...

I don't blame you's a sissy sport for people like casey & nick...keep playin' baseball.

Nick Q. said...

A sissy sport?? I'd like to see you go out there and RUN NON STOP for 90 minutes!! We will have a game. Just name the time. It's on.

Nick Q. said...

Give her time James. It's a hard skill to learn, but she will always remember once she has it down. That's right Mike it takes skill. Maybe that's why you won't (can't) play. You might sprain something anyway. lol