Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The tooth hurts

It happened, my little girl lost her first tooth. When I picked her up from school her teacher said that it poped out while she was out on the playground, and sadly they could not find it even though they looked and looked.

All of the kids in her class were really excited because she is the first of them to have lost a tooth. Either she is really advanced, or she has lived to long in Arkansas. I choose to believe she is advanced.

Her teacher also told her that she could write a not and put it under her pillow instead of the tooth, and that the tooth fairy would except it and leave her some money. We had not told her anything about a tooth fairy. So last night she drew a tooth fairy, a tooth and a $5 bill on a peace of paper. She then explained to me and her mother when we asked why she thought she was going to get $5, that the Tooth fairy gave you what you asked her for.

I wonder how she is going to draw a $5 bill on the next tooth she looses.


Saraya likes the Justice League cartoon. In fact when it first came on we would sit and watch it together. We don't watch it much anymore because they are all re-runs, and we have seen all of them about 5 times each. She still likes them, and some of her favorites are Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Superman. Dana had gotten Saraya some tattoo's over a year ago to put in her Christmas stocking, which she forgot about and never put in. While cleaning out her closet, Dana found them so of course Saraya had to put one on and wanted me to put one on to. So she chose Wonder Woman and I put on Superman.
Monday came and while I was at the gym putting on my work out clothes, I discovered that the colorful little Superman tattoo was still on my shoulder and all I had packed in my gym bag was a sleeveless shirt. Awesome! Now I could show off my super great tattoo for all in the gym to see. I got plenty of people taking a second look, but only one brave sole actually asked me about it.
I would do it again if she asked me to.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Art show

Last night Was Saraya's Pre-K art show at Central. The halls and the gym walls were filled with art work from the kids. Here she is standing in front of a peace that her whole class participated in.
These are a few paintings from Saraya's blue green phase and her foray into her orange period. All of her stuff was good, probably better then any of the other stuff there, but I really think she excels at wood carving. Below is a little piece she worked on, and I think it turned out really good for a 5 year old.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No clue

Just watched a show about Jacob. Because it is the History channel, they only used Jewish Rabbi's to comment and shed light on the life of Jacob. They came to the part where Jacob wrestled with God, and they claimed that this encounter with this person is a mystery that all are confused about to this day. The Rabbi stated that it could not have been God (the Father) because Jacob would have been utterly destroyed, but because of His Devine nature, it could not just be a man, so it must have been an angel sent by God. For a brief moment I was confused by what had been said. But then I quickly realized that it makes perfect sense why they claim to have no idea who this mysterious person is. It's because they refuse to see the truth of Jesus the Christ, 100% God and 100% man.

I am still amazed at how people refuse to see and hear truth.