Monday, July 28, 2008

nohawk fohawk

You may be used to seeing images like these, and I am sure there are many women bloggers who not only think that there is nothing wrong with these images, but in fact love these images. I on the other hand puke a little in my mouth when I have to see these pictures.
I truly hate this hair style on grown men. Are you kidding me? This is what parents do to their babies and small children while they are giving them a bath. This hair style is not to be worn by men, and if you are sporting this hair style, you should never leave the bath or shower with it still in tact.

Saraya has had the fohawk perpetrated upon her just like it was perpetrated on me when I was a small child. She was not happy about it as you can see in the picture. The baby in the picture above had the misfortune of having to wear it out of the tub, and by the look on it's face, i think that he has slipped into shock out of embarrassment, ether that or the hair style actually sucks I.Q. points when worn for to long.

The only time this hair style is cool is when it is done properly. As shown at it's best by Mr. T. It's almost like these guys actually think they are sporting a style that is manly or even cool. All a fohawk is, is a Mohawk gone bad. Mr. T would say, "don't mess with the Mohawk fool!!" I think fohawk is short for fool hawk.

If you are old enough, or you live in the south, you should be able to recall another hair Curt that people sported, that was considered cool. It is now called the mullet. The mullet is at it's worse when worn by a woman, but it's not much better when worn by a man.

There were even famous people who made the style very popular. I ask you this, how are these men looked at now? Are they looked up to as the trend setters they once were? Do you ever pull out your old photos of yourself proudly displaying your long locks, blowing in the wind, while the front part of you hear is to short even for a gale force wind to move? No, I think not, not unless it is to prove to your kids how misguided you once were.

Or perhaps you are one of the blinded few, who have held on to this train wreck of a hair style, believing that it adds some kind of edge to your personality. If that is the case, more power to you, hold on to it with all of your might, because it is obviously all that you have left. That's right, no style, no edge, not even a true self image, just a mullet.

As for me, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I have several pictures of myself sporting a mullet, butt I will never be caught wearing a fohawk outside of the bathtub or older then the age of 2. I have actually made myself immune to the temptation of the dreaded fohawk by shaving my head bald. Many have thought that I did this because of loss of hair, but in fact it was because I saw the dangers of being lured in by the temptation of the fohawk.
In Romans 2: 11 it says, for there is no partiality with God, and I am glad about that. He loves us all the same, no matter if we are still sporting the mullet, or if we have succumbed to the devils lie and are proudly wearing the fohawk. It's really comforting to know that I am loved no matter what I do in life. So break out those hidden photo's of the mullet days, and be reminded that those of us who need the love and acceptance the most are the ones who appreciate it the most.
Brothers of the Mullet unite!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Tattoo

Scott and I finally went and got our tattoo's last night. I have been wanting a tattoo for about 4 years. I actually drew the tattoo I got about 3 years ago and I have been carrying it around with me the whole time. Scott already had a tattoo on his back, but he wanted to get another one. It took him a while to figure out what he finally wanted, but he finally did, so we headed down there last night at about 8, and we took Hillis with us. Jake really wants to get one, but he would not take the leap last night. I think he really wanted to come to see if either Scott or I would cry or pass out or something, neither of us did though. Scott said the one on his back hurt really bad and that he almost passed out a few times, so he was a little nervous about it.
As you can tell by this picture, Scott went through some pain getting his this time to, but to his credit, he never passed out or even shed a single tear. I think Jake cried a little while Scott was under the needle, but it was from laughter, not sympathy for Scott.
I don't think mine hurt as much as Scott's did, but it stung a little bit when he was doing the back part of my arm, and when he did the white ink over some stuff he had already shaded in with another color. Well, all I can say, despite the warning of Misty Archer, is that I am really glad I finally got it done. I don't know if I will ever get another one, but I really like the one I got. Saraya still thinks it is going to come off in a few days. She has not quit got that it is on forever. By the way, the red on Scott's leg and my arm is not ink, it's blood. Mine ended up bleeding more than Scott's did, but I guess you gotta expect a little blood when you are having a needle stuck into your skin over and over again.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Learning the game

So, let me just say that I have a great wife. There are only 2 women in our church that I know of that like football enough to go to a seminar about the game just so they can understand a little more about it. Most women hate when their husbands sit in front of the TV for 4 or 5 hours on Sunday or Monday watching a game. My wife never complains about it, and if it's her favorite team, which is not my favorite, she will even sit and watch the game and cheer her team on the whole way. It's just a pity that her team is not the Raiders. She liked football before and understood a lot of the basics about the game, and now she has more of an appreciation for the game and how good the players really are. Not that she didn't have an appreciation before, but there is just something about trying to do the things that professionals make look so easy, that makes you truly understand how great they are at their job.

There is no real spiritual point to this post, just wanted to say that the longer I live with Dana, the more I get to know her, and the more I can see how great a wife I have.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

what you say I am

The other day Cristi Hillis said to me, I noticed that your eye twitches a lot, and I was wondering if you knew that it did and why does it do it. I told her that I knew that it had been doing it' and that my eyes often felt irritated. I think it's from all of the pollen in the air. So, ever since she said that to me, I have been looking at my eye a lot more, and noticing the way it feels a lot. It seems like I am constantly wondering if my eye is twitching, especially when people are looking at me. Thanks to little miss Hillis I am no longer James the dad, or the husband, or Pastor James, or James the big guy, or even James that handsome dashing man, I am now James the eye twitch guy. It's really amazing how we are affected by how others see us, and how we think they are seeing us. It makes me think of all of those crazy people that try out for American Idol. They are there because others have told them what great singers they are. Then they try out and someone else tells them they stink, and they just can not believe what they just herd. It goes against everything they have been told and believed for their entire life. Just once I would love to see one of the parents that has made the long trip with their child to audition, to lean over, put their arm around their hysterical kid, and whisper in their ear, "no honey, they are right, you are a terrible singer. I lied to you all these years about how good a singer you are. It was a lot easier and more enjoyable for me to tell you that, and make you happy, so now you are going through all of this pain and public humiliation because I wanted to be happy."

I am so glad that God's goal is not to make me happy, it's to make me more like him. I have to go now, because I have to put some drops in my eyes.