Friday, July 18, 2008

Learning the game

So, let me just say that I have a great wife. There are only 2 women in our church that I know of that like football enough to go to a seminar about the game just so they can understand a little more about it. Most women hate when their husbands sit in front of the TV for 4 or 5 hours on Sunday or Monday watching a game. My wife never complains about it, and if it's her favorite team, which is not my favorite, she will even sit and watch the game and cheer her team on the whole way. It's just a pity that her team is not the Raiders. She liked football before and understood a lot of the basics about the game, and now she has more of an appreciation for the game and how good the players really are. Not that she didn't have an appreciation before, but there is just something about trying to do the things that professionals make look so easy, that makes you truly understand how great they are at their job.

There is no real spiritual point to this post, just wanted to say that the longer I live with Dana, the more I get to know her, and the more I can see how great a wife I have.

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Lesley said...

Awww...that was sweet.

Yes, Elijah has rode it. It has a pin in it so it doesn't shift out of first and he can't go any faster than a motorized one. His Papa got it for him. Definitely not my doing.