Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Tattoo

Scott and I finally went and got our tattoo's last night. I have been wanting a tattoo for about 4 years. I actually drew the tattoo I got about 3 years ago and I have been carrying it around with me the whole time. Scott already had a tattoo on his back, but he wanted to get another one. It took him a while to figure out what he finally wanted, but he finally did, so we headed down there last night at about 8, and we took Hillis with us. Jake really wants to get one, but he would not take the leap last night. I think he really wanted to come to see if either Scott or I would cry or pass out or something, neither of us did though. Scott said the one on his back hurt really bad and that he almost passed out a few times, so he was a little nervous about it.
As you can tell by this picture, Scott went through some pain getting his this time to, but to his credit, he never passed out or even shed a single tear. I think Jake cried a little while Scott was under the needle, but it was from laughter, not sympathy for Scott.
I don't think mine hurt as much as Scott's did, but it stung a little bit when he was doing the back part of my arm, and when he did the white ink over some stuff he had already shaded in with another color. Well, all I can say, despite the warning of Misty Archer, is that I am really glad I finally got it done. I don't know if I will ever get another one, but I really like the one I got. Saraya still thinks it is going to come off in a few days. She has not quit got that it is on forever. By the way, the red on Scott's leg and my arm is not ink, it's blood. Mine ended up bleeding more than Scott's did, but I guess you gotta expect a little blood when you are having a needle stuck into your skin over and over again.


Amanda said...

I like how you put a picture of Scott squirming in his chair and one of you with a big relaxed smile on your face. Scott's picture made me a little apprehensive of going through with it. Do they offer an epidural with those??

Stacy said...

OUCH. Stacy Sample here... friend of that spousal unit of yours. Ouch. Like the design. Ouch.

James Hewitt said...

Scott's seemed to hurt a lot more than mine did. I didn't really squirm when I got mine. It was more irritating then it was painful. And they do not give epidurals with them, but they do have some spray stuff that they gave to Scott, and that picture of Scott squirming was one of his better squirming pictures.

S.A. said...

Nice tats. I think I'm too much of a sis.