Saturday, April 25, 2009

Taylor concert

Last night Saraya and Dana got to go to the Taylor Swift concert. They also got a special treat. Dana has a cousin, Stephen, who we are close with, who is in the country band Love & Theft. Last year L&T opened up for Taylor on a lot of her tour. As a result, Stephen and Taylor became close friends and Taylor even wrote a song about Steven called "hey Stephen" which is on her new album. So Steven was nice enough to get a couple of passes for Saraya and Dana to go back stage and meet Taylor. Saraya seems to be impressed the most by the fact that Taylor knew Dana's name. She has told the story to everyone she has talked to about the concert.

All and all she had a great time, but I got a text from Dana about 10 last night asking if I could come to the concert and pick up Saraya. She was tired and her knees were hurting her. I went and got her and she told me all about the fun she had, but she was ready to go home even though Taylor was not done singing. I guess the moral of the story is that Taylor is great, but when a little girl gets tired even Taylor Swift's star is not shiny enough.


Amy Barrett said...

cute! I love your moral to the story. That is very accurate! Why didn't you go the concert?

James Hewitt said...

because I don't like country music.