Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A good Weekend

Lately our weekends have been at least as busy as our weekdays, but this past Saturday we got to have a relaxing day at the pool. Dana's parents only live about 5 minutes from us, and they have an in ground pool. That means that we can go over there just about any time we want and swim, and we don't have to take care of it. It's not as convenient as having a pool out in your back yard, but the fact that I don't have to clean it and fill it, and put chemicals in it more than make up for the 5 minute drive to get there. We spent all day there just lounging out on the deck and swimming. My mother came, and so did my brother Jason and his fiance Felicia and her 2 girls. A great time was had by all. Dana swam for a little bit and then decided she wanted to get some sun. I asked her if she put any sunscreen on, and she said no, that would defeat the purpose. She wanted to get darker. Well, she got darker, a darker shade of RED. She also did not think of the time she was going to spend on Sunday outside. She had already scheduled to take pictures all day long out at the park of church members, with the proceeds going to our vacation bible school. So she spent from 12 noon till 8 pm that night outside in the heat and humidity with a sunburn.
On another note, I have noticed that Saraya has been asking if she can have something by saying "should I". For example she will say "Daddy, should I have some M&M's?". First off, I think this is really cute, but I also think this is very astute. I am not sure what she is thinking when she asks this way, but by phrasing the question this way she is not assuming that she actually should have what she is asking for. She is actually leaving the decision on whether or not she should up to me. If she were to ask "can I" she is already assuming that she should have them, but still asking permission to have them. Can I?, is still a very good question and a very valid question, but to ask "should I" is so much better. I am trying to remember her example when I approach God with requests of my own. I have got to get it into my head that He not only knows what is best for me, but that He wants what is best for me, and equally important, that I always don't know what is best for me.

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