Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fathers day

Sunday was fathers day. As I was driving to church, I grabbed my cell and I called my Dad. One of the first things that he said was that a few days ago he was trying to figure out how old I was. He also asked how the "family"was doing instead of asking how Saraya and Dana were doing. The reason why he asked about both of them was that he was not sure how old I was, and he wasn't sure what my daughters name was or what my wife's name was. I am not sure he has ever gotten Saraya's name correct without me reminding him of it, and I can not even imagine not knowing how old my kid is. Though in his defense I am getting older, and he is even older than I am, and he does have 4 kids. Though I still do not believe that I would forget how old my kids were. It was a quick conversation that probably only lasted about 5 minutes. We talked about surface stuff, job, family, weather, the dogs, nothing really that deep. Then we said our goodbyes and I told him that I loved him. After I got off the phone with him, I was truly glad that I had called him and wished him a happy fathers day. Even though the last time we talked was probably about 10 months ago, and it was because I called him, I still meant the words I spoke when I wished him happiness on that day. I do wish that we could have a deeper relationship, that we could talk about deeper and more personal things, but I am thankful that we do have some kind of relationship, and I can only pray that one day before he or I leave this world that he will be able to have the relationship that a father should have with his son. Until then I will continue to accept him for who he is, and I will continue to thank God for being a perfect father. I learned early on in life that no man can meet all of the needs of another. By learning that, I have saved myself a lot of pain and resentment. I have also been able to see that other people are really not any worse than I am. We are all capable of some pretty bad stuff.

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The Beaver Bunch said...

I had the same conversation with my Dad, under the same circumstances. Because of those circumstances, it took me a long time to view God through different lenses than my earthly dad. I'm so glad that God chose to reveal Himself to me, even though I am incredibly imperfect. I am so blessed that God shows me daily, what a father really can be. Thanks for sharing, makes me feel a little more normal.