Thursday, May 22, 2008

Embarrassing moments

I was on MercyMe's blog, and Bart had posted a blog that told of one of his embarrassing moments. I enjoyed reading it and I also had fun reading all of the responses he got from it. So I decided to do the same thing on my blog. So here is one of my embarrassing moments. I hope you enjoy it and comment back with one of your own.

I was in high school, and on a date with my girlfriend. We were sitting in my Datsun (Nissan) truck, out in front of her house saying goodnight. Saying goodnight meant that we were kissing. She was a really good girl, so all we did was kiss. In fact to make sure that is all we did, she had a habit of keeping her arm in front of her chest as kind of a buffer zone. Well I kind of got used to knowing that her arm would be there, so I went to place my hand on her arm only to discover that the buffer zone was not in place at that time. My hand landed, fully cupping her right breast. It took what felt like a full 20 seconds for the sensation of my hand to reach my brain, but when it finally did I pulled my hand away, at the same time she pulled her body away, and then I blurted out the only thing that came to my mind at that moment. No, it wasn’t I’m sorry!! Or even whoops!! But instead I said those magic words that every high school girl wants to hear after a moment like that. I said “I thought it was your elbow!” Luckily she had a great sense of humor and we both laughed it off, and never told her dad who was a very scary guy that worked for the LAPD and always carried a gun.


Lexi & Abby's mom said...

That was some funny stuff! The truck is great! Scott used to have a Nissa too! The headlights would go out when you were driving down the road and he would have to stop, get out and wiggle some wires would work for a little while and then it would start over again! Scott, his brother and another guy use to pile in his and they pretty much poured out of it! I would like to see you, Scott, and Lewis in one of those little trucks cruising town! That would be great!

Amanda said...

Hey James. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the message last night. It was powerful and God was working on me during it. Thanks!