Friday, August 7, 2009

My sister-in-law Tina invited us to go on a ride with her on her bus. We arrived at the bus yard at about 11 and headed for her bus. Here is a cute pic of Tina and Saraya walking hand in hand to our ride. Saraya loves her Aunt Tina!

This is the inside of Tina's bus. Saraya wanted to ride in her own seat. As you can see, the bus is huge!

This mountain is called white face, and Tina took us to the new houses that were built up near the mountain.

Next we stopped at a park for a quick bathroom break, and Saraya got to play on the playground in this park.

Here is Saraya sitting right behind Tina as we were driving around. This is about the time when Saraya began to get a little tired of riding around.

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